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Vitamin Well Upgrade - Citrus/Cactus (12x500ml) -

Vitamin Well Upgrade - Citrus/Cactus (12x500ml)

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    Here you can get a box with 12 pcs of Vitamin Well Upgrade with the taste of citrus and cactus. This variant is called ‘Upgrade’ and contains, among other things, B6 + B12 + D vitamins and biotin. This can help you reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

    Vitamin drinks from Vitamin Well give you:

    1. A super delicious taste
    2. A vitamin-rich drink
    3. Few calories compared to other soft drinks

    per 500 ml per 100 ml


    357 kJ/85 kcal

    71 kJ/17 kcal


    21 g

    4,2 g

    - of which sugars

    21 g

    4,2 g


    0 g

    0 g


    0 g

    0 g

    Dietary fiber:

    0 g

    0 g


    0.13 g

    0.025 g

    Vitamin D

    10 µg

    0.8 µg

    200% (16%)

    Vitamin E

    7.2 mg

    1.4 mg

    60% (12%)



    1.6 mg

    50% (10%)

    Vitamin B12

    1.25 µg

    0.25 mg

    50 % (10%)


    25 µg

    5 µg

    50 % (10%)

    Pantotheic acid

    2.4 mg

    0.48 mg

    40% (8%)


    Spring water, fructose, acidity regulator ﴾citric acid﴿, vitamins ﴾D3, E, niacin, folic acid, B6, B12 biotin, pantothenic acid﴿, preservative ﴾potassium sorbate), citrus flavouring, cactus flavouring

    At Shapenation, we always test all flavours before we add them to our final range of products. We make sure that both taste and ingredients live up to the highest standards when it comes to our category of supplements.

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