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Kettlebell i plast - 4 kg

Kettlebell 4 kg - Plastic

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Kettlebell 4 kg in plastic

Here you see one of the cheapest kettlebells. They are made of black plastic and filled with cement. This Kettlebell weighs 4 kg and is thus one of our lighter kettlebells. They have been thoroughly tested and are popular with private individuals

Some cement residue may appear in the cardboard box, which may scratch the plastic surface of the product. The scratches are not due to use or other damage that affects the product's function.

Briefly about this Kettlebell

  • Good quality for a low price!
  • Weighs 4 kg
  • Made of plastic
  • Filled with cement
  • Great for beginners
  • Height = 23 cm
  • Bell circumference = 51 cm
  • Grip diameter = 2.9 cm
  • Handle circumference = 10.2 cm
  • Note, Kettlebells in plastic are bigger than Kettlebells in iron

As this kettlebell is made of cement and plastic, we do not recommend using it for commercial use. 

We recommend that the product is stored on a surface or stand when not in use.

How to use Kettlebells:

It is not without reason that in record time, Kettlebells have become one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the fitness and training industry. Kettlebells are a very versatile training tool that allows you to train the whole body alone using the right size kettlebell. Using the exercise "kettlebell-swings" alone, you can get a workout that trains the whole body in 10-20 minutes, with a special focus on the legs, buttocks and back. It also means that it is a training tool many leave for the days where the trip to the gym seems especially long, but one doesn’t want to skip a good workout.

Kettlebell training can be physically hard and challenging, but the large range in kilograms also means that the training can be performed by anyone, both beginners, the experienced, elite athletes, young and old.

Shapenation simply recommends Kettlebell training for everyone.

Kettlebells are available at Shapenation from 2 kg up to 48 kg

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