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Kettlebell 28 kg - Nordic Strength ®

Kettlebell 28 kg - Nordic Strength

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Kettlebell 28 kg from Nordic Strength

This Kettlebell is clad in neoprene and is made of cast iron. This means for you that you get a Kettlebell that does not take up too much space and takes care of your floors against blows during training

Briefly about this Kettlebell:

  • Good quality at a low price from Nordic Strength
  • 28 kg.
  • Cast iron
  • Coated with neoprene to protect your floor from impact during training
  • Small and neat so it does not take up too much space

How can I use this Kettlebell:

If you are going to train with Kettlebells but are already slightly experienced and used to training with weights, this Kettlebell might just be right for you. With its 28kgs, it’s relevant that you have become acquainted with weights and are ready to push your body even harder than before. If you are ready for it, then you get a Kettlebell with which you can, among other things, perform squats and Kettlebell swings and strengthen and train the whole body, including its balance, strength and endurance.

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