Grey yoga mat 3 mm
Grey yoga mat 3 mm
Grey yoga mat 3 mm
Grey yoga mat 3 mm

Grey yoga mat 3 mm

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    This yoga mat from Nordic Strength is made of PVC material and contains no harmful substances or phthalates. Nordic Strength is one of the Nordic’s strongest fitness brands and makes products of a solid and high quality - and this yoga mat is no exception. Here you get a yoga mat with the best performance. You therefore get the opportunity to experience all the benefits of the popular exercise form of yoga.

    • Perfect for both yoga and Pilates
    • The yoga mat is anti-slip, so you don’t slip around on the floor
    • 3 mm thick, which makes it easy to roll up and convenient to store
    • Free from phthalates and other harmful substances

      We do not recommend to use shoes on the yoga mat, as some shoes can easily damage the mat.

    Get flexible with yoga

    Yoga has really become popular in recent years, and it is not without reason. Yoga helps you become agile quickly, which provides benefits for almost any type of exercise, whether running or weightlifting. Furthermore, yoga stimulates your hormone balance and blood circulation, which is why you can get in shape quickly with yoga, as well as lose weight. With yoga, you get to train all your muscles as well as experience that your body feels more free. Our yoga mat is particularly thin, making it perfect for yoga and Pilates, where you usually want a firm surface that’s close to the ground.

    Free from harmful substances and phthalates

    All our yoga mats are free from phthalates and other harmful substances. This yoga mat from Nordic Strength is made of PVC and is available in several different thicknesses and colours. Our black yoga mat is 3 mm thick, but if you want a different thickness, these mats are also available in 4 and 6 mm thickness. The yoga mat is 183 cm long and 61 cm wide. It is anti-slip so that the mat doesn’t slip on the floor during use. This type of yoga mat must not be used with shoes, which is why you should always have bare feet or socks while exercising. If you want a more durable and robust yoga mat, we can recommend this slightly more expensive and luxurious model, which is made of TPE material.

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