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Flexi bar/Aerobic bar
Flexi bar/Aerobic bar
Flexi bar/Aerobic bar

Flexi bar/Aerobic bar

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Flexi bar/Aerobic bar for endurance training, strength training and rehabilitation.

This bar is a great piece of exercise equipment. You build your muscles, tendons, joints, balance, and coordination while you train endurance and burn fat.

This tool is not only amazing but also fun to the same degree.

This product was originally developed for Physiotherapy but has proven to be amazing
for team training, yoga, fat burning and particularly back and shoulders.

Flexi-Bar quickly activates fat burning and affects the muscles to work.
If you want to increase the effect, we recommend exercises with leg movement.

The word neuromuscular provocation actually covers what the effect is. The Flexi-Bar activates not only the large muscle groups, but also the smaller and deep-seated muscles that are not normally touched during normal training.

Remember to buy Exertubes and ABS balls which also have the same properties.

Length: 160 cm. 

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