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Dip belt in leather
Dip belt in leather
Dip belt in leather

Dip belt in leather

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This is the dip belt for those who want a belt that can help you add more weight to dips or pullups. The dip belt is made of great quality leather, and at each end, there is mounted an iron chain, which is the one you put the weights in. 

  • Nice leather in high quality 
  • Great fit 
  • Sits well on the lower back

To become stronger in either dips or pull ups, it requires gradually increasing the load on the muscles. You do this easily in the beginning by just increasing the number of repetitions you do of the exercises, but over time more emphasis is needed. 

Some then choose to keep a dumbbell between the legs when doing dips or pullups, but in most cases, this is very impractical and not very easy. 

In these cases, we recommend that you get a dip belt, which can easily help you increase the resistance in a given exercise. In practical terms, it works by you finding, for example, a 10 kg weight plate and taking it to the dip stand. Then you place the dip belt over the hip crest (on the lower back) and take the iron chain and pass it through the weight plate, attaching it again to the belt. Then you’re ready to use the dip belt. The dip belt does not have to be closed at the front for you to use it. When you do dips and pulls ups, you automatically swing a little at the hip, so it sits nicely on the hip. 

Do you need a dip belt for your workout so you can get stronger in dips and pullups? Then try this belt for only XXX 

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