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Weight vest 15 kg - Black Elite Pro - Shapenation.comWeight vest 15 kg - Black Elite Pro - Shapenation.com
Weight vest 15 kg - Black Elite Pro

Would you like to weigh 15 kg more? Then you can get that opportunity with our 15 kg weight vest, which is in extra reinforced...

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Weight vest 15 kg (Camo style PRO) - Shapenation.comWeight vest 15 kg (Camo style PRO) - Shapenation.com
Weight vest 15 kg (Camo style PRO)
$98 $139

Weight vest 15 kg in extra reinforced quality and the coolest black design. You get both the reinforced vest (1 kg) + the 14 metal...

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Weight vest 10 kg - Black Elite Pro - Shapenation.comWeight vest 10 kg - Black Elite Pro - Shapenation.com
Weight vest 10 kg - Black Elite Pro
$108 $155

Weight vest 10 kg in extra reinforced quality and the coolest black design. You get both the reinforced vest (1 kg) + the other sandbags,each...

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Weight vest 20 kg - Black Elite Pro - Shapenation.comWeight vest 20 kg - Black Elite Pro - Shapenation.com
Weight vest 20 kg - Black Elite Pro

Do you need a little extra weight for your strength training or a little more with for a run? Then a weight vest is a...

Showing 4 of 4 products

Supercharge your workout with a weighted vest from ShapeNation

The idea behind a weight vest is simple – the heavier you are, the more challenging every physical activity becomes. Whether you’re running, squatting, hiking, walking to work, or doing pull-ups, a weighted vest provides an extra load and puts gains at your fingertips. 

Plus, you get to look like a superhero while exercising. Admit it, that’s pretty cool.

Are you ready to add 40, 50, 80, or even 150 pounds to your next workout? If you’ve hit the dreaded training plateau and want a way out, a weighted vest from ShapeNation is the key. All of our weight vests come with adjustable weights so you can change the load according to your training goals, exercise style, and fitness level. 

Shop our growing selection and see why an affordable weighted vest from ShapeNation is the best way to supercharge your workout. 

What is a weighted vest?

A weighted vest is exactly what the name says – a vest made heavy with weights. They’re worn to build strength and endurance and take regular workouts to the next level in terms of difficulty and challenge. 

Some weight vests are designed with pockets that hold extra weights, making them great for leveling up to something heavier when you’re ready to progress. 

Weighted vests are perfect for anyone wanting to increase their workout intensity without having to buy a whole new gym full of exercise equipment. And they’re easy to wear and incorporate into your regular training program. 

From running and strength training to aerobics and kickboxing, a weighted vest boosts every workout without getting in the way. 

What do you use a weight vest for?

Weighted vests are an important part of weight training. You can wear one to help lose weight, boost your strength training program, and increase endurance and cardiovascular strength. 

Weight training is important for building muscle mass (which helps with weight loss), bone health, and even stress. This is where a weighted vest shows up to play – wearing one is a quick and easy way to step up any weight training program. 

If functional fitness is your thing, a weighted vest works perfectly and allows you to keep training hands-free. Your body weight can only get you so far… a weighted vest is a natural way to increase resistance without moving away from the bodyweight training you love. 

Benefits of wearing a weighted vest:

  • Weighted vests are great for all levels – from fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes and coaches. 
  • Weight vests help with conditioning, endurance, cardiovascular health, bone density, and overall strength.  
  • Weighted vests are super easy to pack in your gym and take with you. 
  • Weight vests are perfect for upper body, lower body, and full-body workouts. 
  • Weighted vests work extremely well for bodyweight exercises and functional training.

Can you get buff with a weight vest? 

Yes. A weighted vest can help you get ripped, shredded, or jacked. With a weighted vest with adjustable weight, you can increase or decrease the amount of weight you want. This makes your normal weightlifting or strength training program more challenging. 

Is walking with a weight vest good for you?

YES, walking with a weighted vest is very good for you. 

Walking is a good exercise by itself. But anytime you're able to increase the resistance, you turn a good exercise into a great one. Weighted vests improve heart health, bone density, overall strength and endurance. 

If you’re just starting out, go for a lightweight weight vest. Depending on your strength level, too much extra weight may not be good for your knees and hips. Once you build up the core stabilization needed, add more weight and keep walking! 

How to shop for a weighted vest 


Your weight vest has to fit properly. Measure your chest and shoulders before buying your new favorite vest from ShapeNation. You want it to fit snugly without compromising your movements. 


That 150-pound vest may sound doable, but you have to consider what else you’ll be doing while wearing the vest. If you buy one that’s too heavy, you’ll never wear it. Too light and you may as well have worn a windbreaker. 

Shop for a weighted vest from ShapeNation that lets you increase or decrease the weight by adding or removing weights. That way you’re sure to get the best for your training needs. 


When we say ‘load’, we’re talking about where the weights are on the vest – front, back, or evenly spread out. 

If you’re looking for a core challenge, go for a weighted vest with more front weight. If you want the most comfortable fit, a weighted vest with back weight is better. For an all-around great weighted vest, shop for one with weight evenly disrupted around the vest. 

Weighted vests with an even load are the best for most barbell and bodyweight exercises. 

How heavy should a weight vest be?

We suggest buying a weighted vest that is between 5-10% of your body weight. 

At ShapeNation, we sell weight vests that let you gradually add more weight as you get stronger. 

Take your workout to new heights with a weighted vest 

It doesn’t matter what type of training you love, with a weight vest you can make it more challenging. Even an evening walk around the block can turn into something amazing with a weighted vest. 

If you put it on at the gym or when you run, you’ll see how any previous training plateaus disappear and your next big goal gets closer. With a weighted vest, you can easily add 40 pounds to your workout without having to grab a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. And you can train pull-ups or dips without having to use a training belt to increase the load.

At ShapeNation, we offer a wide selection of high-quality weight vests. From indoor training to outdoor hikes in the forest, shop for your new favorite workout partner here. 

Check out our one-size-fits-all weight vests with adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Or what about something in camo for a real action hero vibe? Explore our growing collection of weighted vests that let you add weight as you go. 


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