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Low price adjustable step bench Mini - (68x28x10 cm)Low price adjustable step bench Mini - (68x28x10 cm)
Low price adjustable step bench Mini - (68x28x10 cm)
$54 $77

Here you get a super nice step bench from Nordic Strength that can be adjusted in height. The step bench is the largest in a...

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Abdominal bench - longAbdominal bench - long
Abdominal bench - long

Abdominal bench - Simple and effective This is the fast and effective way to a flat stomach. It can be used at home to train...

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Reebok stepbænk
Reebok step bench

Reebok Step Bench Are you looking for a step bench of the highest quality? Then you can’t deny this step bench from the brand Reebok....

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Bench press NS+ (Professional quality)Bench press NS+ (Professional quality)
Bench press NS+ (Professional quality)

Here you get a squat rack in professional quality from Nordic Strength's top line to professional centres - NS +. The bench press costs only...

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Stepbænk - Nordic Strength  - 1Stepbænk - Nordic Strength  - 2
Step bench - Nordic Strength
$64 $85

This step bench is one of our absolute top sellers, and it can be yours right now! The price is pushed as much to the...

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Træningsbænk - Flad
Weight bench - Flat

Top-notch weight bench for bench press and the like. Whether you are looking for a workout bench for your gym or your own home gym,...

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Step bench with non-slip surface (108 x 40 cm)Step bench with non-slip surface (108 x 40 cm)
Step bench with non-slip surface (108 x 40 cm)

Here you get a really nice, cheap step bench, where the price is taken all the way down. The step bench is perfect for home...

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Small step bench square (40.5 x 40.5)Small step bench square (40.5 x 40.5)
Small step bench square (40.5 x 40.5)
$29 $39

Small, square step bench Here you get a smart step bench from the renowned brand Nordic Strength. The step bench is compact and easy to...

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Inclined adjustable exercise benchInclined adjustable exercise bench
Inclined adjustable exercise bench

Looking for a nice, adjustable sloping bench? Then we have an opportunity for you here. Nordic Strength has made a nice upholstered weight bench that...

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Low price adjustable step bench Medium - (78x28x10 cm)Low price adjustable step bench Medium - (78x28x10 cm)
Low price adjustable step bench Medium - (78x28x10 cm)
$65 $93

Here you get a super nice step bench from Nordic Strength that can be adjusted in height. The step bench is the middle in a...

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Cheap adjustable step bench Maxi - (90 x 32 x 15 cm)Cheap adjustable step bench Maxi - (90 x 32 x 15 cm)
Cheap adjustable step bench Maxi - (90 x 32 x 15 cm)
$81 $108

Here you get a super nice step bench from Nordic Strength that can be adjusted in height. The step bench is the largest in a...

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Bench press NS + (Professional quality)Bench press NS + (Professional quality)
Bench press NS + (Professional quality)

Here you get a bench press in professional quality from Nordic Strength's top line for professional gyms - NS +. The bench press costs only half...

Showing 12 of 12 products

Weight bench – The support your workout deserves 

When you think of a weight bench, what’s the first exercise that comes to mind? Bench presses, right? The truth is, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. 

Just like your body is more than your chest, a weight bench can help you exercise more than your pecs. 

With a weight bench as your base, you’ll be able to target almost every muscle group on your body. And if the weight bench can incline or decline… look out world! An adjustable bench can go from presses and shoulder work to split squats and core exercises in a matter of seconds. 

Basically, a weight bench is the piece of home gym equipment that your workout has been missing. And you obviously agree… otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. 

But before you press buy, there are a few things to consider…

How to shop for the best weight bench

When it comes to choosing a weight bench online, consider things like weight capacity, function, size, and other equipment available.  

Some benches have extra features that help you target your legs and biceps. If powerlifting is your thing, shop for a sturdy bench that can support the extra weight. 

When it comes to choosing the best weight benches, we know the options can be confusing. But don’t worry. We’re breaking down the main points to shop for below. 

  • Shape – The frame of the weight bench should match your body type. This will help guarantee your safety and stability.

  • Value – We were going to say ‘price’. But it's not about that. It’s about the value you get from having a weight bench and the insane number of exercises you’ll be able to perform with one. 

  • Storage and space – How much space can you dedicate to your weight bench? Some are massive and include everything you can imagine (even a squat rack), while other options include wheels, making it easy to roll out of the way. Folding weight benches exist and are the best weight benches for small spaces where floor space is at a premium.

  • Comfort level – How thick is the padding? You need to find that Goldilocks padding – not too thick, not too thin… just right. Height is another factor. Can the bench you want accommodate your height? (Something to consider if you’re over 6 feet tall.) 

  • Materials – Speaking of comfortable cushioning, always look for benches made from top-quality materials like heavy-duty steel. This way you’ll get to enjoy your bench for longer. 

  • Stability – The last thing you want is for your weight bench to throw you off balance. Always go for a bench that sits flat on the ground and includes rubber grips to keep it from sliding. 

  • Maximum weight capacity – How much do you plan to lift? How much weight do you need the bench to support? Keep in mind that what you’re lifting today isn’t the same as what you’ll be lifting next year (because you’re going to nail your goals, duh.). Consider your weight + the weight of what you plan to lift when choosing a weight bench.   

  • Fitness goals – Your fitness goal is different from the person next to you. From a weight rack and leg developer to adjustable settings and a bench that can handle heavy weight, there’s a bench to meet those needs. 

6 types of weight benches 

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to choose the type of weight bench. Here are the 6 (main) types of benches you’ll see online and in your favorite gym. 

1. Flat bench

A flat bench is the ultimate piece of home gym equipment. They’re flat without any incline, special attachments, or adjustable features. A flat bench is ideal for exercises like the chest press, tricep dips, split squats, and ab exercises. 

2. Adjustable weight bench 

Adjustable benches let you sit up at an incline or lay flat. In addition to the exercises you can perform on a flat bench, you can add shoulder-specific exercises with an adjustable bench. For beginners, this is a great option because it opens an entirely new world of movement that isn’t possible with flat benches. And for anyone with back pain, it’s often easier to start at an incline until you build up core strength and stabilization. 

3. Olympic weight bench

An Olympic bench has a greater weight capacity and is made to handle heavy loads. Most are made from high-grade composite steel. Many Olympic weight benches have a range of equipment that can be added to them such as a squat rack, barbell rack, or weight plates. 

4. Foldable weight bench

With a folding weight bench, you’ll get the incline from an adjustable weight bench with the space-saving power of a folding table. Marie Kondo would be so proud! If your home gym has a small footprint, consider a foldable weight bench to maximize space and tuck away in the closet when you need the floor back. 

5. Abdominal weight bench

Guess what an abominable weight bench targets? If you said ‘abs’, you win. These benches can adjust to an incline, decline, or flat, allowing you to target the abdominals in a million different ways with a million different variations of sit ups.

6. Preacher curl bench 

This type of bench limits what you can actually do because it’s designed to do preacher curls only. Preacher curls target the biceps. Don’t confuse these with Roman Chairs or Hyper Benches – these focus on lower body strength. 

​​What is a good beginner weight bench?

The best weight bench for beginners is one that can adjust – incline or decline – and support up to 500 pounds. This weight means you won't have to swap out the bench as soon as you move on to heavier lifts and more advanced exercises. 

If space in your home gym is an issue, shop for a foldable weight bench. You’ll get the same adjustable features without taking up a ton of space. 

Are weight benches worth it?

From barbells to dumbbells, a weight bench is the best workout buddy out there. 

Weight benches open an entirely new world of exercises and workouts. Have you ever tried to bench press on the floor? It’s not impossible, but you limit the movement every time your elbows hit the floor.

Looking for a new way to target your legs without a squat rack? Place one foot on a weight bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and you’ve got a Bulgarian split squat that you’re going to tell your friends about tomorrow. 

Since many benches are adjustable, just a few quick clicks and you can go from targeting your upper chest to the lower pecs and then roll over and finish with flies for a killer back.

Are they worth it? While the cost is something to consider… if you’re serious about building strength, your home gym has to have a bench. Sure, you could lay on your dining table… but that’s just weird. 

How much should you pay for a weight bench?

Before you dive into the prices of weight benches. Remember the value that one will give you. Plus, the whole new world of exercises you’ll be able to do at home compared to not having one. 

With that said, a quality weight bench can cost anywhere between $150 - $1,500. The more expensive benches can hold more weight compared to cheaper options. When it comes to weight benches, you get what you pay for. 

Shop weight benches at ShapeNation

At ShapeNation, our selection of weight benches is always changing. Why? Because we use your feedback to determine what’s working and what’s not. Our goal is to be your trusted fitness partner – how can we do that if we ignore your feedback? 

From a flat bench that lets you do all the basics, to an adjustable bench built to last with heavy-duty steel, ShapeNation has the bench you're after.

If you have a bench, some dumbbells or a barbell, you’re well on your way to making a super home gym. We agree that it’s not a quick decision to buy a weight bench. They are expensive. We know that. But in 6 months, when you’re noticing strength gains, you’ll be glad you invested.

Don’t forget to protect your floor while you’re at it. Lay a fitness or yoga mat under your weight bench to protect your floors from any dropped dumbbells. Shop our assortment of exercise and training mats plus dumbbells and barbells in all weights and sizes. 

Are you looking for more products to take your training to the next level? Our most popular categories are dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, resistance bands, protein powder, workout clothes, headphones, massage guns, foam rollers, and exercise balls. Find all the best exercise equipment on ShapeNation

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