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Ceiling suspension
Ceiling suspension

Here you get a really nice mounting for your sling trainers or gymnastics rings.  The suspension can be used both in the ceiling or in...

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TRX Home 2 system Sling trainer setTRX Home 2 system Sling trainer set
TRX Home 2 system Sling trainer set
$277 $1,799

Here you get the genuine patented TRX®️ Home 2, which is the perfect sling trainer for those who want to start training at home!  Can...

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TRX Sweat - Professional sling trainerTRX Sweat - Professional sling trainer
TRX Sweat - Professional sling trainer

Here you get the genuine patented TRX Sweat sling trainer which is the perfect sling trainer for professionals! This edition is perfect for those who...

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TRX Tactical Gym sling trainerTRX Tactical Gym sling trainer
TRX Tactical Gym sling trainer

TRX Tactical gym is a sublime sling trainer, designed to meet all the requirements of the military for equipment. This is definitely our most durable...

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TRX PRO System (P4) - Professional sling trainer - Shapenation.comTRX PRO System (P4) - Professional sling trainer -
TRX PRO System (P4) - Professional sling trainer

Here you get the genuine patented TRX P4 sling trainer, perfect for the professional! This edition is perfect for those who want to ensure optimal...

Showing 5 of 5 products

Get a full-body workout with a suspension trainer 

A suspension trainer is one of the best functional fitness training tools ever. Period.  

It’s a simple piece of equipment that you can take with you anywhere and train your entire body. 

Don’t let the simple design of a suspension trainer or sling training system fool you. There are no limits to how many exercises you can perform with one. From a total upper body workout to lower body, core, endurance, and even flexibility training, a suspension trainer is seriously an all-in-one, multifunctional piece of exercise equipment. 

At ShapeNation, we carry suspension trainers from top brands that you trust. 

Are you ready to target your entire body in way less time than traditional strength training machines and free weights? If that’s you, then a suspension trainer is going to be your new best friend. 

The benefits of suspension training

Suspension training is not just travel-friendly and portable, it’s an easy way to work out, too. With just a few exercises you can have a full-body, effective workout.

The very design of a suspension trainer makes it easy to train everything from strength and mobility to balance, flexibility, and endurance. Every exercise engages your core muscles, making it great for core workouts. 

And since most exercises only use your body weight, it’s great for all levels. From beginners to top athletes, start using a suspension trainer and see the benefits. That includes weight loss and increased range of motion, too. 

Top 6 benefits of suspension training:

  1. Versatile training for the whole body
  2. Opportunity for effective core training 
  3. Training with your own weight
  4. Ability to control the intensity and weight load
  5. Challenge and balance training
  6. Functional training with natural, real-life movements

Functional training with a suspension trainer 

Functional training is training that mimics real-life, natural movements. It’s a more natural way to exercise and greatly impacts your normal life. 

When you train functionally, you only do exercises that are natural to the body. That means that you don’t force the body into any unnatural or locked positions. Compare that to some of the uncomfortable positions you get with an exercise machine. 

When you use a suspension trainer as part of a functional training program, you’re able to decrease the chance of injury and improve your balance and core strength. 

With a suspension trainer, you're in control the whole time. It’s your body weight and your core that keep you from swinging all over the place or falling over. That increased focus and core stability is vital for everyday life and improves fitness and sports performance. 

But don’t think that this means it’s easy. No. 

Functional training isn’t easy. It is good for you, however. Better, even than a lot of other types of training. When you train according to the body’s natural movements, you'll have longer-lasting results.

If you’re interested in functional training, check out our selection of suspension trainers, exercise mats, medicine balls, balance boards, gymnastic rings, and more. 

Shop affordable suspension trainers at ShapeNation

Check out our ever-evolving selection of suspension trainers for the one that’s right for you. Most of our suspension trainers weigh less than 4 pounds, making them super easy to pack in your gym bag and take with you. 

Whether you hang yours on the door, on the pull-up bar at the gym, or on a tree in the park, you’re able to turn wherever you are into a full-on gym. 

From weight loss to resistance training, our suspension trainers are a cheaper alternative to free weights. And suspension training exercises are great for all types of health, wellness, and fitness goals – from weight loss to packing on muscle, the sky’s the limit when it comes to suspension training. 

Don’t waste your time on a suspension training system made with weak, flimsy materials. We stock suspension trainers that are made to last. Designed to support up to 400 pounds, you can count on the suspension straps to hold during even the most intense workouts. 

The suspension trainers in our wide selection are also easy to adjust and easy to use. You’ll have a smooth experience and can spend your time working out, not struggling to find the right position.

At ShapeNation, we’re dedicated to providing your professional or home gym with user-friendly, top-grade exercise equipment. We’re a company built by fitness lovers, and we’re dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. 

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