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Abs gym rings  - 1Abs gym rings  - 2
Gymnastic rings in ABS plastic (Black)

 Good gymnastic rings in plastic  The straps are 465 cm long The width of the straps is 3.8 cm Inner diameter of the rings is...

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1,25" gymrings wood  - 1Gymnastic rings wood - 1.25"
Gymnastic rings wood - 1.25"
$65 $93

This is a set consisting of professional gym rings from Nordic Strength in wood with adjustable straps, so they can be adjusted as needed. It...

Carabiner with locking mechanism
Carabiner with locking mechanism

Carabiner for fitness machines only XX Here you get a top-safe quality carabiner that we have produced in thick, strong metal.  The carabiner is most...

Ceiling suspension
Ceiling suspension

Here you get a really nice mounting for your sling trainers or gymnastics rings.  The suspension can be used both in the ceiling or in...

Extra straps for gym ringsExtra straps for gym rings
Extra straps for gym rings

Here you get 2 x extra straps for your gym rings if you need extra or have worn the old ones up. When buying gym...

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Gymnastic rings in steel - 1,25"Gymnastic rings in steel - 1,25"
Gymnastic rings in steel - 1,25"

This is a set consisting of professional gym rings from Nordic Strength in steel with adjustable straps, which can be adjusted according to your needs....

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Carabiner - Basic
Carabiner - Basic

Carabiner for exercise machines only XX Here you get a top-safe quality carbine that we have produced in thick, strong metal.  The carabiner is most...

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Master your body weight with gymnastic rings 

Have you ever watched gymnasts in the Olympics and envied their total control and strength on the rings? We have. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete on a Wheaties box to train like one. Gymnastic rings – also known as muscle rings, gym rings, and cross-training rings – can give you that same control, strength, and physique that we admire… right at your home gym. 

What are gymnastic rings good for? 

Gymnastic rings deliver a workout that free weights and gym equipment just can’t replicate. They rely on instability to build extreme muscle and core strength. 

And you don’t need an Olympic-sized gym to work out with gymnastic rings, either. A tree branch in the backyard, monkey bars at the playground, or a sturdy rafter in the garbage will do just fine. 

You can even pack yours in your gym bag, take it to the gym and use the suspension training rack or a pull-up bar to hang your rings. 

Use gymnastic rings to do everything from pull-ups to chin-ups, dips, rows, muscle-ups, push-ups, or the iron cross that’ll be the best party trick you ever mastered.

Gymnastic rings – add fun and efficiency to your next workout 

We’ve been talking a lot about exercises that require seriously advanced strength. But gymnastic rings are great for all levels – from beginners to pros. 

Training with gymnastic rings strengthens your joints and core. You’ll develop a strong back – especially the lats and upper back muscles. And you’ll engage your stabilizing muscles. Learning how to actively engage these has a positive effect on other types of training and sports. The more you can stabilize your core and the stronger it gets, the less likely you are to be injured in other activities. 

Can we state the obvious? Gymnastic rings are fun. Look at them! Kids love them, too. 

Muscle rings are a great way for young kids and teenagers to learn balance and endurance. Have a lazy teenager at home? Introduce them to gymnastic rings and never look back. They can even Snapchat about their progress. Maybe that's an incentive to get outside? 

Find affordable gymnastic rings at ShapeNation 

At ShapeNation, our gym rings have been carefully selected and made from top-quality materials. From wooden gymnastic rings to durable plastic, our selection of rings promises a good grip and the support you need to master even the hardest moves. 

Adjustable straps let you control how high off the ground you want to be. And it means you can take your rings with you. From a tree in the park to a pull-up bar at the gym, adjust the straps to the height you need and you’re ready to train. 

Shop our growing range of gymnastic rings, ring straps, and related accessories currently in stock and available online. From home gym users to gym owners, create exercise variety with a functional training arsenal including wood gym rings, strong plastic gymnastic rings, adjustable straps, and more. 

Click on any of our products to see complete specs, photos, and customer reviews. 

What size gymnastic rings should you choose?

Gym rings come in different sizes. Here’s our suggestion for what size to choose. 

  • Rings with a 1.1” thickness are known as FIG standard rings (International Gymnastics Federation official size) and are used in competitive gymnastics.
  • Thicker 1.25” gymnastic rings are better suited for general training. This size is best for anyone just getting started with ring training. 

How do you start using gymnastic rings? 

Training with gymnastic rings is all about strength and endurance. 

To get started, make sure you have a safe surface under you. This is especially important if your rings are high off the ground. Place a non-slip exercise mat under you for extra safety.  

Make sure you perform every move with control. Think about slow movements, not quick, jerky ones. Breathe as you exercise. 

Test your strength on the gymnastic rings by lifting your knees to your chest. How long can you hold this position? 

Always start slowly and build as you gain the core strength and mobility needed to go further. 

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