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Activity Sensor AS 87 from Beurer - Pedometer & Sleep Tracker - Shapenation.comActivity Sensor AS 87 from Beurer - Pedometer & Sleep Tracker -
Activity Sensor AS 87 from Beurer - Pedometer & Sleep Tracker
$77 $499

Here you can get a great step and sleep tracker from Beurer. This tracker can help you get one step closer to a healthier lifestyle...

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Activity Sensor AS 80 from Beurer - Pedometer & Sleep Tracker - Shapenation.comActivity Sensor AS 80 from Beurer - Pedometer & Sleep Tracker -
Activity Sensor AS 80 from Beurer - Pedometer & Sleep Tracker
$84 $549

Every step counts! Here you can get a super cool and simple activity sensor from Beurer with Bluetooth. This allows you to get a smart...

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Activity Sensor AS 99 from Beurer - Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sleep tracking & Touch screen - Shapenation.comActivity Sensor AS 99 from Beurer - Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sleep tracking & Touch screen -
Activity Sensor AS 99 from Beurer - Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sleep tracking & Touch screen
$123 $799

With Activity Sensor AS 99 from Beurer, you get a smart activity watch to monitor your activity, both during the day, but also during the...

Showing 3 of 3 products

Fitness trackers – the personal trainer you can sleep with

Getting and staying in shape has never been easier. From fitness pros tracking every step to beginners just trying to move more, an activity tracker keeps you in the know and in control. 

Whether you’re running laps in the park or climbing your own personal Kilimanjaro, there’s a fitness tracker that fits your lifestyle and favorite activity. Most are even discreet and fashionable enough to wear daily. 

The best thing about a fitness tracker is that you can wear it all day to constantly monitor your heart rate, count steps, and even let you know how you're sleeping. It’s like having a personal trainer with you 24/7… but without having to share the covers at night.

Stay on track with a fitness tracker 

Fitness trackers and activity sensors record your level of activity, heart rate, monitor your sleep, and more.  

Get the right one, and you can set goals for daily exercise, stay on top of calorie consumption, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Plus, you’ll have bragging rights over any lazy colleague who refuses to take the stairs. 

If you’re looking to increase your body awareness and level up your well-being, you’re in the right place. ShapeNation carries a growing selection of activity trackers and fitness sensors that let you keep tabs on your progress and record that activity on your smartphone.

Why use a fitness tracker?

Let’s be honest. Some of us need all the help we can get when it comes to developing healthy habits. That’s where an activity tracker comes in. 

The best fitness trackers encourage you to take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for one more mile on the track, swim one extra lap, and go to bed on time instead of binge-watching the box set of Friends.

Fitness trackers record your movement throughout the day and night. 

  • The number of steps taken during the day

  • Distance covered

  • How long you were active and how long you weren’t

  • Keeps an eye on your daily target and goal 

  • Monitors heart rate with built-in heart rate monitor

  • Measures calorie consumption 

  • Tracks fat burn 

  • Body composition analysis helps you set realistic goals

  • Records how long you sleep, sleep stages, and the quality of sleep (sleep motion)

  • Records all of the above and transmits the data to a smartphone app via Bluetooth 

Choosing the best activity tracker for your needs.

The best fitness tracker is the one that you’ll actually wear. 

When shopping for activity trackers and fitness trackers, you need to have an idea of how you’re going to use them. 

  • Are you going to exercise indoors or out? 

  • Need a waterproof one?

  • Are you a runner? A cyclist? 

  • Just looking for a fitness tracker for general fitness and health? 

  • Or do you need one because of a medical issue – like diabetes or extreme weight loss? 

Shop for a fitness tracker that has the features you need to successfully reach your goals. We suggest getting an activity tracker with wireless syncing (Bluetooth) so you stay updated directly on your smartphone. 

If you plan on wearing yours all day, opt for interchangeable bands that match your outfits. 

Want to go for a swim? Check out water-resistant fitness trackers – even if you plan on running in the rain.

And if you run a bit too far from home, a fitness tracker with built-in GPS will come in handy. With built-in GPS included, you won't have to carry your smartphone in your pocket. 

Most importantly, check that your tracker is compatible with your smartphone. Does it work with Apple iOS, Android, or Windows?

At ShapeNation, click any of our activity trackers to see details like smartphone compatibility, battery type, features, and customer reviews. Everything you need to make the best choice for your health and fitness goals. 

ShapeNation is here to help you find the best activity tracker for you. We carry the latest and greatest fitness trackers and wrist-based trackers from top brands like Beurer and more. 

If increasing your activity, improving sleep quality, and exercising more are your goals, explore our complete range of exercise equipment and find exactly what you need to move more, sleep better, and see results. 




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