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Exercise mat - Black and thickExercise mat - Black and thick
Exercise mat - Black and thick
$31 $46

At Shapenation, we have a large selection of exercise equipment - so of course we also have exercise mats. This exercise mat from Nordic Strength...

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Exercise mat - Pink and thickExercise mat - Pink and thick
Exercise mat - Pink and thick
$31 $46

Are you looking for a pink exercise mat of top notch quality, but at a low price? Then you’ve come to the right website!  Here...

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Exercise mat - Grey and thickExercise mat - Grey and thick
Exercise mat - Grey and thick
$31 $46

Grey exercise mat of top quality! At Shapenation, we have a large collection of different exercise equipment, and this includes exercise mats! This grey exercise...

Wall mounts for exercise mats in black brushed steelWall mounts for exercise mats in black brushed steel
Wall mounts for exercise mats in black brushed steel

Wall mounts for exercise mats Of course, if you want to hang your exercise mat(s) up, you’ll need a wall mount that fits the holes...

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Exercise mat - Purple and thick - Shapenation.comExercise mat - Purple and thick - Shapenation.com
Exercise mat - Purple and thick
$31 $46

New: Beautiful purple exercise mat from Nordic Strength. Perfect for abdominal exercises and regular floor exercises. All of it is 1.5 cm thick! At Shapenation...

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Wall suspension for exercise mats in chrome

Wall mounts for exercise mats Of course, if you want to hang your exercise mat(s) up, you’ll need a wall mount that fits the holes...

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Carrying strap for exercise mat - Shapenation.com
Carrying strap for exercise mat

Absolutely simple carrying strap for exercise mat. It is made of cotton, and the loop is elastic, so it fits perfectly on our exercise mats....

Showing 7 of 7 products

Exercise mats and workout mats to get the most from your home gym setup 

With the right workout mat, you can protect your joints and have a little extra cushion for tough floor exercises. And why shouldn’t you have a little cushion? You deserve it. 

From body weight exercises and core exercises to burpees, weightlifting and more, an exercise mat from ShapeNation will provide the no-slip protection that intense workouts need. Made with thick, sturdy foam, our mats protect your joints and let you focus on the actual workout… not how hard the floor feels. 

Whether you're looking for an exercise mat to get you through your favorite streaming HIIT class or to simply provide padding under your weight bench, we have the top picks for all levels.

What are the differences between yoga mats and exercise mats? 

The main difference between a workout mat and a yoga mat is the weight. Most exercise mats are bigger, thicker, and firmer than yoga mats. A yoga mat is thinner so you’ll have a better connection to the floor while working through poses. 

How to choose an exercise mat 

Not all fitness mats are the same. They may look the same… but the difference is in the grip, comfort, and durability. And it matters what you’re going to use the mat for. Different exercises require different levels of cushioning and grip. 

When it comes to shopping online, be sure to read the customer reviews that come with each product and take note of the key features to help determine if the exercise mat is right for you.  

  1. Look for a good grip. The last thing you need is to slip and slide all over your workout mat during push ups. Make sure the mat you choose has a non-slip surface with a textured grip that keeps you safe when perfecting your renegade rows. 

  2. Make sure your mat is stable. This means shopping for an exercise mat that will lay flat when you roll it out. You don’t want it to curl at the ends and get in the way of your training. Especially if you’re moving fast and switching between workout mat exercises and standing exercises. 

  3. Always go for comfort. If you’re working out on hardwood floors or tiles, choose an exercise mat with enough cushioning to protect your joints. If you think this doesn’t matter… think back to the elementary school gym and having to do crunches on the hard gym floor. Exactly. Shop for around 1” thickness. This gives enough cushioning for maximum comfort and performance. Get an ultra thick fitness mat, and you may find yourself drowning in it.

  4. Get a workout mat that will last. A tough workout calls for a tough workout mat, not a yoga mat. Choose one that can tolerate dropped kettlebells, sweat, and sneakers!  

  5. Choose an exercise mat that can handle the shock. Speaking of dropped free weights, the gym mats at ShapeNation have shock absorption properties. That means they won’t dent when you accidentally drop a dumbbell. 

  6. Think about portability. Whether you’re training at home or taking your exercise mat to the gym or park, carrying straps are your friend. They’re convenient and free up your hands to hail a cab, swipe right, or mix your pre-workout before training. Check out travel-ready carrying straps in our collection above. 

  7. Get an exercise mat that’s easy to store. You don’t exercise every day. At least not 24/7. Shop for a workout mat that’s easy to roll up and store when not in use. Some even save space by having convenient holes made for hanging. 

  8. Choose a workout mat that inspires you. Ok, we admit that this is kinda weird to have in the key features. But getting an exercise mat that you want to use will help you find that extra bit of motivation. Shop our range of different exercise mats in all colors at ShapeNation and find the one that really gets you going. 

What’s the best thickness for an exercise mat?

The best thickness for a workout mat is between 0.5 and 1 inch thick.

If you’re prone to injury, suffer from joint pain, or if you’re thin, 1” thick exercise mats will offer more cushioning and feel better. Especially on hardwood floors with exercises where you lay on your back or use your knees.

The only issue with fitness mats with extra-thick cushioning is that you may lose the feeling of being connected to the floor. This is important if you struggle with balance and stability.

How to keep your exercise mat clean

We’re fans of the DIY, keep-it-simple cleaning method around here. 

The best way to clean a workout mat is to dilute a gentle dish soap in warm water and wipe down your mat.

  • A few drops of detergent will do the trick.

  • Be sure to not get too many soap suds – these can make your exercise mat too slippery or sticky. 

  • Always air dry after wiping down. 

We suggest wiping down your mat with a dry towel after every workout to remove sweat before it has a chance to soak in. This is especially important after floor exercises where more of your body has been in contact with the fitness mat.

Shop the best prices on exercise mats at ShapeNation

Getting the exercise mat that motivates you to do more is a great starting point for any home gym training. Luckily for you, we’ve curated an affordable selection of the most comfortable exercise mats you’ll ever lie down on. 

Most of our top-quality exercises mats are lightweight and easy to transport. Add a carrying strap and take your fitness mat with you wherever you go. All of our workout mats are non-slip and made from high-density foam. Each one provides the exact grip you need to work out safely and confidently. 

Looking for an exercise mat for a friend? Choose from a rainbow of colors and make the dancer, personal trainer, or weekend warrior happy with a gift they’ll actually want to use. And for the person in need of a new yoga mat, we have those, too.

While you’re shopping for home gym exercise equipment, check out an evolving collection of dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, exercise balls, ab rollers, and workout clothes for everything you need to make your home gym the envy of the block. 

Are you looking for more products to take your training to the next level? Our most popular categories are dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, resistance bands, protein powder, workout clothes, headphones, massage guns, foam rollers, and exercise balls. Find all the best exercise equipment on ShapeNation


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