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Yoga mat 4 mm - Purple
Yoga mat 4 mm - Purple
Yoga mat 4 mm - Purple
Yoga mat 4 mm - Purple

Yoga mat 4 mm - Purple

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With this 4 millimeter purple yoga mat at a cheap price, you can practice yoga both at home or in the gym. If you want to take an hour at home or in the centre, you can bring this mat. The mat is among the cheapest here at, but it is extremely popular and can be used by both beginners and diligent training enthusiasts.

  • Free of substances and phthalates - pure PVC
  • 4 millimetres thick
  • Anti-slip (The mat is slip resistant)
  • 183 cm long and 61 cm wide

Feel good with a cheap yoga mat

The thickness of 4 millimeters has a lot to say, as the thin surface provides a good feeling on the floor. If the mat is too thick, there is also often a greater chance that it will slide more easily.

Another advantage of the thin mat is that it is easy to roll up so that it hardly takes up any space. Then you can easily and conveniently take it with you wherever you want - without having to drag it. It could be in the gym or down in the park on a hot summer day.

Non-slip mat equals optimal training

Maybe you have tried to take one of the other thick mats (regular exercise mats) in the gym when you went to yoga. And it has made it completely impossible for you to stand firm when you go into downward dog or warrior, some well-known yoga exercises that you probably know with if you do yoga.

To ensure optimal training, a firm surface is a must. With this 4 millimeter purple yoga mat, you are assured that you will not slip - and the prerequisites for doing the exercises properly are immediately better.

Remember, however, that you must not wear shoes on these yoga mats, but that the exercise must take place with bare feet or socks.

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