WHEY Protein Powder

WHEY is a protein powder based on the milk ingredient called "whey protein".

WHEY protein powder typically undergoes a wide range of purification processes, and has the absolute highest biological value of all protein sources.

WHEY protein is one of the most widely used dietary supplements for muscle recovery and building. WHEY is considered to be a complete protein. This means that it contains nine essential amino acids.

Its widespread use is supported by research showing a strong amino acid profile and fast, easy digestion and absorption by the body. The benefits of WHEY protein, with its advantages over other types of protein and very limited potential side effects, make it one of the most popular supplements.

The need is individual

Protein powder is a dietary supplement for people who need more protein than they get through the diet. Too little protein can lead to loss of muscle mass as protein is the building block of the body. Whether you need an increased intake of protein depends on age, diet and exercise habits.

Protein powder is typically used by people who do a lot of strength training and who therefore have a greater need for protein for building muscle than people who train moderately.

In some older people, appetite declines as age increases. At hospitalization, it is often seen that the appetite of the elderly decreases, which among other things results in loss of muscle mass and increased physical fragility. In older people, the protein requirement is slightly greater than normal, between 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per. kilos of body weight. The optimal protein intake can be achieved through a protein supplement in the diet, and protein powder is used in, among other things, the hospital system to ensure that elderly patients get enough protein.

An increased protein intake should be combined with daily physical activity to have an optimal effect. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles, provides better coordination and helps maintain the body's flexibility.

ShapeNation Protein Powder

In our opinion, you get the most delicious and tasty protein powder we have ever tasted. It is without added sugar, and consists of 100% pure WHEY protein powder extracted from milk.

• Focus on delicious taste & good resolution
• Without added sugar
• Classic bucket that is easy to store and stack
• Danish produced, and taste tested before each production


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