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Low-priced exercise ball 55 cm (Blue)

Low-priced exercise ball 55 cm (Blue)

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    Exercise ball, 55 cm in diameter

    Do you need an exercise ball to sit on, train with, or maybe for something else? Do you want to find one where the price has been reduced but the quality has been increased? Then we have the right one for you!

    This exercise ball measures 55 cm in diameter and is of nice, thick quality. It’s categorised as an ABS exercise ball (Anti Burst System), which is your guarantee that the exercise ball is made of a very durable material, ensuring that it can not explode or collapse during the exercises.

    Important to remember: to ensure a long shelf life, start by pumping the exercise ball approx. 80% and then let it rest for 24 hours. It is only after 24 hours of rest that you can pump it full of air before using it for the very first time.

    The ball is delivered uninflated. We recommend that you use a compressor to inflate your balls. Alternatively, you can also make use of a ball pump.

    About the exercise ball:

    • Blue
    • 55 cm in diameter
    • ABS exercise ball (Anti Burst System)
    • If you buy the exercise ball to sit on, it will suit you best if you are approx. 165 cm tall. If you are taller, we recommend that you buy one of the other exercise balls.

    Exercises that are especially good on exercise balls:

    There are primarily two reasons why you should buy an exercise ball. First, if you want to use it to sit on to ensure better support and stability for your back and lower back. This can be very relevant for both younger and older people, and we often see that it is workplaces and larger companies that buy the exercise balls for this purpose.

    The other primary reason is that one is interested in getting more out of one’s back and abdominal exercises than one does on the floor. Here, the exercise ball can very quickly become your new exercise partner, and you will more quickly see effective results from the exercises.

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