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Lacquered stall bar in wood
Lacquered stall bar in wood

Lacquered stall bar in wood

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    This lacquered stall bar in wood is a super cool new arrival. It is very similar to our bestseller "Stall bar in wood”, the only difference is that this is treated with clear lacquer, which gives it a final finish and makes it easier to wash off. It is, for example, ideal for families with children or associations where the stall bars are shared by many.

    The stall bar is produced at a wood products factory that we have direct contact with, and this stall bar is in pine that can easily be mounted on the wall in two parts.

    • The sticks are oval for optimal grip
    • The stall bar is lacquered with clear lacquer, making it very durable
    • Lowest price on the market
    • Easy to mount on the wall
    • Fills very little but makes a lot of sense in terms of play and fun


    It has a height of 230 cm, a width of 70 cm and a depth of 16 cm at the top. Likewise, its maximum load is 130 kg.

    The stall bars are delivered unassembled and are made of lacquered wood. Here is an assembly guide.

    Assembly instructions:

    1. Unpack the set and get an overview of the different parts on the floor
    2. Insert the "sticks" into the sides of the lower part of the stall bar, then secure them with a screwdriver and the supplied screws. Stop screwing when the screw reaches all the way in, even if it feels as if you can continue (NOTE: do not use a screwdriver as there is a risk of drilling out the holes)
    3. Then repeat the process with the upper part of the stall bar

    Wall mounting:

    1. Note: There are 3 places where the stall bars must be mounted in the wall, at the bottom first, then at the top, and at the very end in the middle where the two bar parts meet.
    2. Mount the lower part of the stall bar on the wall with the corresponding brackets. Holes are screwed into the stall bars where they should sit. Make sure the stall bar rests on the floor. If you have moldings along the floor, you may need to cut a piece of the stall bar at the bottom to get it all the way flat on to the wall.
    3. Next, rest the upper part of the stall bar on the lower part and mount it as well.
    4. Finally, the stall bars are mounted in the middle where the two stall bars meet. The bracket must sit halfway on both parts, so that the two bars are both screwed into the wall but also connected.
    5. Nail dowels are also included for mounting in the wall, but be aware that this only works in concrete walls or thick masonry walls. If in doubt about your wall, you should visit a hardware store and ask for advice.

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