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Kettlebell i plast - 10 kg

Kettlebell 10 kg - Plastic

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Kettlebell 10 kg in plastic

Here you see one of our popular 10 kg Kettlebells in black plastic with cement filling. This Kettlebell is popular with private individuals, and it is thus suitable for those who want to have a pair of Kettlebells for a little home training.

Small cement residues may appear in the cardboard box, which may scratch the plastic surface of the product. The scratches are not due to use or other damage that affects the product's function.

Briefly about this Kettlebell

  • Good quality for cheap money!
  • Weighs 10 kg
  • Made of plastic
  • Filled with cement
  • Great for beginners
  • Height = 30 cm
  • Bell circumference = 70 cm
  • Grip diameter = 4.2 cm
  • Handle circumference = 13.2 cm
  • Note, Kettlebells in plastic are bigger than Kettlebells in iron

As this kettlebell is made of cement and plastic, we do not recommend using it for commercial use. 

We recommend that the product is stored on a surface or stand when not in use.

How to use Kettlebells:

Kettlebells are multifunctional and can be used for a wide range of exercises. They can be used for training isolated muscles, but also for full-body workouts. The particularly good thing about Kettlebells is that you can just use them for a wide range of exercises. This means that by using a few Kettlebells in the right weight classes and an exercise mat, you can quickly train your whole body at home if you don’t have the energy to go all the way down to the gym.

Among other things, Kettlebells can be used for Kettlebell swings, lunges, abdominal and back exercises as well as squats - all exercises that you can perform at home without the use of anything other than a Kettlebell and an exercise mat (for better stability during the exercises).

Kettlebells are available at Shapenation from 2 kg up to 48 kg.

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