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This foam roller comes from the brand Nordic Strength. We carry a number of their products due to their strong product quality - and this is no exception. It comes in an extremely useful and durable design, so it lasts for many years of regular use. So here is a foam roller that can hold up being used. 

  • The Foam Roller from Nordic Strength is durable and can withstand continuous use
  • Can optimise and streamline your training
  • Good for muscle pain and general soreness
  • Cheap tool with many benefits

Designed for versatile use

The foam roller measures 33 cm in length and 15 cm in diameter, which is why it’s practical to use without taking up much space. It’s designed with trigger points which make it perfect to help with particularly sore areas through trigger point massage, among other things. However, it has a myriad of uses and can be used for everything from warm-up, abdominal/back training and massage of the lower back or back, where it manages to get in-depth - precisely because of its design with trigger points. The foam roller can be used before, during and after training.

Countless benefits

With this foam roller you will experience a myriad of benefits as it is completely multifunctional. It is indispensable for training purposes because it counteracts muscle pain and soreness, increases the body's mobility, reduces soreness and provides a faster recovery of the muscles. But a foam roller can also be used if you suffer from muscle soreness, back pain or the like, whether the soreness or pain stems from running, hard physical work, or if the long sedentary days in the office have begun to settle in your back or lower back.

Get more inspiration on how to use a foam roller here:

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