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Fitness floor rubber 1.5cm thick (50cm x 50cm) -
Fitness floor rubber 1.5cm thick (50cm x 50cm) -
Fitness floor rubber 1.5cm thick (50cm x 50cm) -

Fitness floor rubber 1.5cm thick (50cm x 50cm)

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Fitness flooring ensures the best exercise experience for you in the gym or at home in your own home gym. It is a practical and functional solution for sweat and wear and tear from exercise, which can otherwise make marks on your floor.

When buying a fitness floor, you not only transform the look of your gym, but also help yourself by ensuring stability and easy cleaning.

Different sizes - easy adjustment

When you choose to buy a fitness floor, you get a 1.5cm. thick rubber floor that ensures stability under your exercise machines, or simply acts as a good base for your daily workout.

The fitness floor comes in different sizes, making it easy to lay on any kind of floor, no matter what your room may be covered with already. The floor is very flexible and easy to customise as it can be cut and fit in well with all types of flooring.

Choose a floor specially designed for working out

Don’t underestimate the value of custom-designed flooring for your gym or club. Stability and slip resistance are essential for the proper use of machines, and you probably know how frustrating slippery floors can be.

Investing in fitness floors therefore means an optimisation of your workout conditions, regardless of whether you prefer spinning, strength training, CrossFit or abdominal crunches.

If you choose to spend time exercising, it is therefore important to give yourself the most optimal conditions. If this is what you want, you ought to consider this easy and practical solution that also makes cleaning simple and fast.

With fitness floors, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear on your floor, and can spend your time working up a sweat instead.

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