Exercise ball 55 cm - Nordic Strength (BLUE)
Exercise ball 55 cm - Nordic Strength (BLUE)

Exercise ball 55 cm - Nordic Strength (BLUE)

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    Exercise ball from Nordic Strength - 55 cm in diameter

    Do you need an exercise ball, either to sit on so as not to strain your back or lower back, or perhaps to be able to optimise your back and abdominal exercises? Then you’ve clicked on the right place. Here you get a really good exercise ball in silver grey from Nordic Strength.

    The exercise ball from Nordic Strength is 55 cm in diameter and is also an ABS exercise ball (Anti Burst System). That they are an ABS exercise ball means that it is extra durable. The exercise ball is made of a very thick and durable material. Therefore, it will not explode, and if there comes a hole in the ball, the air will just slowly seep out rather than collapse with a great bang.

    The first time you use the exercise ball, it is important that you start by pumping it approx. 80% up and then let it rest for 24 hours before using it for the very first time. This is an important step to ensure the durability of your new exercise ball. During the 24 hours of rest, the rubber expands, and you can then finish pumping it.

    We recommend that you use a compressor to inflate your balls. Alternatively, you can also make use of a ball pump.

    About the exercise ball:

    • Blue
    • 55 cm in diameter
    • ABS exercise ball (Anti Burst System)
    • If you are under 165 cm, this size is ideal for sitting on (otherwise we also have exercise balls for those who are taller or shorter).

    Exercises that are especially good on exercise balls:

    You can use a exercise ball for several different things and exercises. Among other things, many people choose to invest in an exercise ball to use it as an alternative to an office chair or pouf. There can be several different reasons for this, but among other things, it helps to ensure good posture and pose. It is especially good for people with back and lower back pain, as the ball ensures that you do not lean into a bad position, which can strain your back and lower back further.

    At the same time, there are at least as many people who buy the exercise balls because they are very effective if you are interested in optimising your abdomen and back exercises. The exercise ball helps you do the exercises in full range of motion, which, in short, means that your muscles get the opportunity to utilise their full potential during the exercises.

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