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Dip belt in neoprene - Camo
Dip belt in neoprene - Camo
Dip belt in neoprene - Camo

Dip belt in neoprene - Camo

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A dip belt for strength training in a nice neoprene material, for those who want to start adding more weight onto dips, pullups, etc. The belt has a reinforced strap that is even stronger than most chains on the market.

  • Nice neoprene belt
  • Strong iron chain
  • Easy to make dips, pullups, etc. heavier.

This dip belt is a great choice. It's sturdy, but if you would rather have a leather dip belt, you can find it here: Leather dip belt. Dips and pullups, like all other training exercises, require you to gradually add extra weight so that you can get stronger. This is very easy with barbells, but for dips, pullups or other physical exercises, a dip belt required that you hang weights on. You just untie the chain, hang some weight plates on it, and then you tighten it around you.

The belt is not supposed to have a tight fit, but instead rest on the hips, and it stays nicely in place when you swing your hips slightly as you usually do in physical exercises.

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