Chin up bar
Chin up bar

Chin up bar

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    Chin up bar for the door frame from Nordic Strength. Here you get a lot for your money!

    Strengthen your back and biceps muscles with this chin-up bar: 

    • Can also be used for arm bends on the floor.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • It doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t need to be mounted with screws.

    All in all, an excellent pull up bar for the price. 

    Panel on door max 10 cm.

    Door hole max 85 cm.

    Maximum weight load 100 kg.

    Assembly instructions: 

    This product is relatively simple to assemble. 5 pieces and 4 screws included. 

    1) You must start by assembling the two long pieces (Picture 4) with the two smallest screws. Feel free to use a manual or (low)power screwdriver to get the screws to the bottom. 

    2) You must now attach the two curved pieces to the already assembled piece. The two curved pieces should be placed on top of the piece, and not below, as can also be seen in the pictures. Here, the two longest screws must be used with a small screw clamp and nut on the opposite side. 

    3) Finally, mount the black square piece with the small, soft square piece facing the other handles. It is important that this part is mounted on the inside of the two curved pieces and with the soft piece also pointing inwards. 

    4) Tighten and hang it up. You hang the chin-up bar by mounting the chin-up bar to a door frame. Let the long piece rest on the front of a door frame, then take the rectangular piece and place it on top of the door frame on the opposite side of the door frame. 

    5) Check if the chin-up bar is holding fast, then use the bar by slowly hanging in it, and pull yourself up and down with calm movements. 

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