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Gymnastic rings in ABS plastic (Black)

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     Good gymnastic rings in plastic 

    • The straps are 465 cm long
    • The width of the straps is 3.8 cm
    • Inner diameter of the rings is 17.5 cm 

    Are you looking for good quality gymnastic rings at an affordable price? Then you should try these professional gymnastics rings. They are made of ABS material with strong, adjustable straps, so they can be adjusted in many different heights.

    Gymnastic rings which can be adjusted in height

    These gymnastic rings can be adjusted in height to fit you and your needs perfectly. There are numbers and lines on the strong straps so you can easily hang them up straight. That way you avoid them hanging crookedly and it becomes easier for you to train. The straps have a practical length of 465 cm and a width of 3.8 cm. The rings themselves are made of ABS plastic, which is known for its combination of strength and rigidity, so you are guaranteed a durable product.

    Functional training: Use your own weight

    When you train with gymnastic rings, you use your own weight. This way, you train functionally, a very effective form of training that can exercise the whole body. The advantage of functional training is that you make movements that are natural to the body. You use movements in daily life, and in this way you do not expose the body to unnatural movements. Functional training simultaneously improves your overall balance, as you are not locked into one movement (as you are with exercise machines).

    The gymnastic rings are a really good tool for those who want to train functionally. They open up to a multitude of different exercises that can strengthen your body as a whole. At the same time, it is also a fun and different form of training which can feel more like play rather than exercising. If you lack inspiration for exercises, you can always go to YouTube where there are a large number of videos with good and effective exercises.

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