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Bulgarian style powerbag - 12 kg
Bulgarian style powerbag - 12 kg

Bulgarian style powerbag in 12 kg   These powerbags are an increasingly-used training tool for functional training. It is used for many forms of strength...

Bulgarian style powerbag - 5 kg
Bulgarian style powerbag - 5 kg

Bulgarian style powerbag in kg.  Powerbags are now being used a lot for functional training. They are incredibly versatile and used for many types of...

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Powerbag 25kg
Powerbag 25kg

A tool for those who are serious about their training. Training with a Powerbag increases your strength and metabolism effectively, and you use all the...

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Bulgarian style powerbag - 17 kg
Bulgarian style powerbag - 17 kg

Bulgarian style powerbag in 17 kg Powerbags are an increasingly-used training tool for functional training. It is used for many forms of strength training due...

Showing 4 of 4 products

Add versatility to your training with workout sandbags

If you’re ready to shake things up and get a full-body workout that’ll have your quads and biceps talking for weeks, grab a workout sandbag and get to moving. 

Gripping, swinging, tossing, catching, and hurling a workout sandbag isn’t for the fainthearted. Exactly the opposite. It’s for the person ready to get out of a training rut and target muscles they didn’t know they had. 

And it’s for the person who doesn’t have enough space for a full weight set or a barbell rack. 

Workout sandbags are great for small spaces or outdoor boot camp-style workouts. They’re also excellent for anyone short on time. With just a few exercises, you can have a full-body circuit that uses only compound movements, builds intense core strength, and burns more calories than any exercise machine at the gym. 

All of the incredible benefits of training with a workout sandbag are because the weight is constantly shifting inside the bag. You pick it up from the left side, the weight slightly shifts to the right. This makes exercising with a sandbag extremely challenging. As you raise or lower the bag, your core needs to stabilize and create stabilizing power to continue moving. 

From loaded carries to sprints, lunges, squats, presses, and around the worlds, workout sandbags are the ultimate way to bring functional training into your life. 

At ShapeNation, we’re massive fans of workout sandbags. But we know that not everyone is as keen on them as we are. That’s why we decided to answer the public’s questions regarding workout sandbags. 

Are sandbag workouts effective?

Heck yes. Exercising with a workout sandbag builds strength, endurance, core strength, mobility, and overall stability. 

Sandbags are a key part of any functional training program – just like suspension trainers and gymnastic rings. What makes it so important for functional training is that the weight is always shifting, requiring your body to engage the core to stabilize the load. 

What exercises can I do with a sandbag?

You can do any bodyweight exercise with a sandbag. From burpees to lunges, adding a sandbag into your workout is easy. 

Want to become a better runner? Try running with a workout sandbag for extra resistance. Want to get a six-pack? Try Russian Twists with a sandbag. Need to work on your chest? Use a sandbag instead of a barbell for chest presses. 

If you can use a dumbbell or a barbell, you can use a workout sandbag instead. At ShapeNation, our workout sandbags have different handles on all sides. That lets you do everything from deadlifts to squats and presses. 

How much weight should I use for sandbag training?

Note that the amount of weight you lift with a workout sandbag is probably less than with a dumbbell. This is because the weight is unstable and requires a lot more core control to lift heavier. 

As a general guideline, we suggest the following weights for men and women: 

  • Men – go for a 60-80 pound sandbag
  • Women – go for a 30-45 pound sandbag 

Shop affordable workout sandbags at ShapeNation

At ShapeNation, our workout sandbags have multiple gripping options, allowing you to perform hundreds of different exercises with just one bag. With the different grips, you’ll be able to toss, carry, lift, hurl, and snatch your workout sandbag. 

Some sandbags are adjustable. That means you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout by adding or removing filler bags from the sandbag. 

We’re excited that you’re ready to invest in your strength training goals and are looking for top-quality equipment to do it. Our sandbags are made with high-grade materials that won’t leak or stop you from focusing on and reaching your goals. 

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