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Stall bars in woodStall bars in wood
Stall bars in wood

These stall bars in wood are one of our bestsellers, and are made in a gorgeous natural quality. The stall bars are made of high...

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Lacquered stall bar in woodLacquered stall bar in wood
Lacquered stall bar in wood

This lacquered stall bar in wood is a super cool new arrival. It is very similar to our bestseller "Stall bar in wood”, the only...

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Wall bars that turn any home into a gym

For most of us, a gymnastic wall bar isn’t something we grew up with. In Europe, however, they’re a part of every gym and fitness center. 

Gymnastics wall bars are also known as gymnastics ladders, stall ladders, or Swedish ladders. It’s the most versatile piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever use. Really.  

Don’t let the name gymnastics wall bar fool you, you can do more than just work on tumbling and gymnastic moves. From stretching to strength training, the Swedish ladder will have your workout routine saying JA. (That’s yes in Swedish, by the way.)

What are Swedish ladders good for? 

Does your back ever feel tense after a long day of sitting? Reach up and grab the highest bar you can. Then, let your body hang and the tension release. 

Ready to get stronger? Connect your sling or suspension training system to one of the bars and you’ve got an instant functional training zone in the middle of your house. 

The best part about a gymnastic wall bar is that it only takes up wall space. Your floor is free for the dance parties you’re going to throw now that your back isn’t tense anymore. 

At ShapeNation, all of our Swedish ladders and wall bars are made from sustainable wood, keeping your impact on the environment at a minimum. 

Here are a few of our go-to exercises on the Swedish ladder:

  • Pull-ups and chin-ups – Train your arms, shoulders, and lats with iconic exercises like chin-ups and pull-ups. 

  • Ab training – From crunches on the ground to hanging leg raises, the Swedish ladder will help you target your abdominals and finally get that six-pack you’re after. 

  • Yoga and stretching exercises – Add yoga and stretching exercises to your daily warm-up or cool down. 

How to choose the right gymnastic ladder?

Before you decide to invest in the next piece of equipment – especially one that will take up wall space – consider the following:

  • Size - Our Swedish ladders are around 6’ tall and can hold a maximum load of 300+ pounds. That means there are plenty of opportunities to do a variety of different exercises and stretches where your body weight is the resistance.

  • Easy installation – The wall bar isn’t as complicated to assemble as you might think. A few screws in the wall and you’re good to go. Always shop for one that can be quickly assembled with basic tools. 

  • Material - At ShapeNation, most of our gymnastic wall bars are top-quality pine. That makes it strong and good-looking. It’s about time that a piece of exercise equipment doubles as a handsome piece of interior design. 

  • Lacquered or not - If you’re looking for a Swedish ladder to blend in with your home gym surroundings, go for one that you can paint. Or get a lacquered ladder that already has all the protection it needs. 

Upgrade your gymnastic ladder setup at ShapeNation

If you’re looking at the basics like chin-ups, pull-ups, and dips, then all you need is the wall bar itself. When you’re ready to do more, we have the accessories you need to add more exercises to your training arsenal. 

Loop a resistance or powerband through a bar for strength training exercises. Use the lower bars to brace you while you perform sit-ups on an exercise mat. Or just use the Swedish ladder as a great way to stretch and improve flexibility. 

Many people get bored with the same old exercises day in and day out. That’s where something like a Swedish ladder comes in and shakes things up. Plus, you can target your full body with just your body weight. 

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