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Wrist Support Set - Beige
Wrist Support Set - Beige
Wrist Support Set - Beige

Wrist Support Set - Beige

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These wrist supports are for those in need of support for the wrist while performing, for example, the bench press or other forms of strength training. This is our pro wrist support made for top athletes who need wrist support - easy to put on and tightens well around the wrist.

  • Made of cotton and elastane that make it flexible and easy to tighten 
  • 2 pcs, so you have one for each wrist
  • Cool colour combination 
  • Easy to put on

In one of the pictures, you can also see a small loop on both wrist supports that you can wrap around your thumb before putting them on. This ensures that you can tighten the wrist support yourself. Really smart!

This great wrist support from Nordic Strength gives you increased wrist strength and stability while you exercise! If you are suffering from pain in the wrist or are just strength training hard, this wrist support is for you! 

The width is 7.5 cm, and the length is available in either 35 or 50 cm, depending on how thick a wrist you have and whether you want an extra wrap around the wrist. 

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