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Bathroom scale BF 720 from Beurer - Body analysis via App + Software - Shapenation.comBathroom scale BF 720 from Beurer - Body analysis via App + Software -
Bathroom scale BF 720 from Beurer - Body analysis via App + Software
$108 $699

Beurer's BF 720 is a body analysis scale with bluetooth and automatic user recognition. The BF 720 can be linked to Beurer's smart app Beurer...

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Bathroom scale MS 01 from Beurer - Analog display & without battery -
Bathroom scale MS 01 from Beurer - Analog display & without battery
$38 $249

This classic mechanical bathroom scale has a cool, retro look and an analog display. MS 01 features include: Easy-to-read weight display Font size: 5 mm...

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Bathroom scale BF 400 from Beurer - Body analysis & extra large display (White) - Shapenation.comBathroom scale BF 400 from Beurer - Body analysis & extra large display (White) -
Bathroom scale BF 400 from Beurer - Body analysis & extra large display (White)
$77 $499

With BF 400 you get a body analysis scale that can keep track of, calculate and interpret your values for you. BF 400 is a...

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Bathroom scale BC-545N from Tanita - Segmental Body Composition Monitor - Shapenation.comBathroom scale BC-545N from Tanita - Segmental Body Composition Monitor -
Bathroom scale BC-545N from Tanita - Segmental Body Composition Monitor

Tanitas BC-545N, is an advanced body scale that can measure and keep an eye on, among other things, fat and muscle mass throughout the body...

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Bathroom scale RD 953 from Tanita - Shapenation.comBathroom scale RD 953 from Tanita -
Bathroom scale RD 953 from Tanita

With the Tanita RD-953 you get an accurate body composition meter. It measures 10 different body measurements in a few seconds; in addition, it recognises...

Showing 5 of 5 products

The best bathroom scales to keep you on track

We know that bathroom scales aren’t the most exciting fitness purchase to make. We also know that for a lot of people, looking at the number on display can be overwhelming and even demotivating. While that may be true, the fact remains that a scale is a major part of your health and fitness journey. 

If your weight is an issue, shop for a scale that can do more. Everything from fat and muscle mass percentage to your body age can be measured with the right scale. These numbers give you a more realistic picture of what's happening as you exercise and develop healthier habits. 

There's more to a scale than your weight. Discover your new favorite in our growing range of bathroom scales designed with one purpose in mind – to help you reach your goals.

3 types of bathroom scales

There are 3 main types of bathroom scales:

  1. Mechanical or analog bathroom scales use springs to measure and display your weight reading on a dial. 

  2. Digital bathroom scales measure electronically and display weight digitally. They usually display the weight to one-tenth of a pound.

  3. Smart bathroom scales – also known as analyzer scales – measure weight, BMI, etc. by sending an electrical signal through the body and display on your smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity.

Of the three types, analyzer bathroom scales (smart scales) are considered the most accurate and provide an extensive breakdown of your body’s composition. 

Which bathroom scale should I choose?

When it comes to shopping and choosing your next bathroom scale, you need to first think about what you want to use it for. 

  • If you just want to track your weight, an analog bathroom scale will do the trick. 

  • If you’re serious about weight loss and want to make sure you’re burning fat and increasing muscle mass, then the bathroom scale you chose needs to have built-in features that can measure those. 

  • Do you want to deal with batteries? If not, go for mechanical or analog scales. If you’re OK with batteries, digital scales are easier to read. 

  • Do you want your bathroom scale to sync with your smartphone and/or a specific app? If so, your only choice is a smart scale. 

The right bathroom scale helps you monitor and measure more than just weight. Some smart scales track body fat, bone density, muscle mass, BMI, and water percentage.

As for size, we suggest choosing a 12” x 12” (30 x 30 cm) bathroom scale. This is large enough for most feet and won’t take up a ton of space in your bathroom or home gym. As for weight capacity, most bathroom scales can accommodate a maximum of 300 to 400 pounds.

7 features you should know about your bathroom scale

The reasons for choosing a bathroom scale differ based on your goals. Whether you’re training for a marathon or trying to lose inches off your hips, we recommend keeping an eye on the features below and shopping for a bathroom scale that really meets your needs.  

1. Weight

Most bathroom scales have a weight capacity of 300-400 pounds. 

2. Body fat percentage

Certain bathroom scales can measure fat percentage. This is a great metric to keep up with if you’re trying to lose weight or cut after bulking. 

The bathroom scale sends a weak bioelectrical impulse through one foot and the body. The scale receives the same bioelectrical impulse out through the other foot. The electrical impulse that comes out of the body has the results of how much fat your body contains.

3. Muscle mass

With any strength training or resistance training program, it’s important to keep track of your muscle mass. It’s true for weight loss, too. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn, and the quicker you’ll lose unwanted pounds. 

A bathroom scale will measure muscle mass the same way it does fat percentage. The measurement shows how much of your body is made of muscle. 

The percentage of muscle is crucial to how active your resting metabolism is (also called BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate). Basically, the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn when resting. 

To get help building muscle, check out our selection of protein powders and protein bars. 

4. Bone mass

Bone mass density is important because if the bones lose density, they are more prone to break.

5. Body water composition

For a normal healthy person, a water percentage of 45-65% is ideal. This metric can vary slightly according to how physically active you are (or have just been), the climate, and altitude. 

6. BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI is a measurement that determines your health based on the relationship between your height and weight. For most personal trainers, this metric is not important. They prefer to look at the fat percentage and muscle mass. 

7. Multiple users

Many smart bathroom scales and digital scales have the option of setting up multiple users and saving the information. That means you don't have to have a notebook next to your scale every time you weigh yourself. 

The advantage of having multiple users is that more than one person can use the scale. Great for families, boot camp trainings, or even to compare your weight loss journey with your friends. 

Affordable bathroom scales and more

If you’re looking to keep your weight in check and an eye on your muscle mass, a bathroom scale is a must. If you’re going to go all-in, check out our range of kitchen scales to take control over what you’re eating, too. 

With a bathroom scale at home, you don’t have to run to the doctor’s office or gym every time you want to check your progress. 

At ShapeNation, find a wide range of bathroom scales at prices you'll love. Browse through our growing collection of digital scales, smart scales, analog scales in a variety of display sizes, colors, and features. 

Whether you’re after an analog scale or a digital scale, find one that’s just right for you, your goals, and your budget. We stock smart scales that measure not only bodyweight but also body fat, body composition, and can quickly calculate your BMI. 

All of our scales are easy to use and easier to program. You can even shop scales that are compatible with smartwatches and connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth. From your home gym, bathroom, or bedroom, with a bathroom scale from ShapeNation, you’ll stay on top of your fitness journey every step of the way. 

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