Which Protein Powder Is The Best For You?

In this post, you will get a lot of relevant information, especially if you are on a diet.

We will go over the different types of protein powder and give you answers on which type you should consider for your weight loss goal.

Which protein powder is best for weight loss?

The most popular type of protein powder, overall, is Whey protein. Whey protein is a complete form of protein that contains all important amino acids and is quickly absorbed by the body. If you are vegan or lactose intolerant, there are also good plant-based alternatives.

Read this post if you want a lot more info about the different types of protein powder and which type suits your needs and weight loss.

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The difference between protein powders

There are different types of protein powder, and it is therefore not easy to determine exactly which type is the absolute best.

However, there is one type of protein powder in particular that performs extremely well, namely Whey protein powder.

Whey protein powder

Whey protein is the most popular form of protein used in protein powders today. The reason for this is that whey protein is incredibly good, especially after training, as the body can quickly absorb the proteins.

Whey is used both to build muscle and is also a good tool when you need to lose weight.Like most other protein shakes, you get a meal replacement in the form of Whey protein, which can help you eat less without leaving feeling hungry all the time.

Whey comes from milk, hence the name "whey protein".The whey that is left after milk production contains a large amount of protein about the total weight, so it is quite obvious to use it for protein powder.

Another good reason why whey protein powder is the most popular is whey's incredibly strong amino acid content.

Whey is also called a "complete protein", as it contains all essential amino acids, which is also the reason why whey is absorbed so easily by the body.

Whey has very few or almost no side effects for people with normal health, but of course, you should not use whey if you are lactose intolerant.

Casein protein powder

Casein is another form of milk protein that, unlike whey, is absorbed very slowly in the body.

Casein protein powder has a property that means it clumps together in your digestive system.

In this way, it takes significantly longer for the protein to be absorbed into the body, which is why Casein is often used as an evening shake, as you ensure that your body has the right amino acids during the night.

When it comes to the content itself, Casein is as good as Whey protein. However, it is not used to such a large extent, as this slow-absorbing feature is not in demand by particularly many people, but more for a small niche group.You can also use Casein as breakfast if you have to get out the door quickly. In this way, you will feel full for longer, as casein takes a long time to be absorbed by the body.

So all in all, Whey protein is used to get results immediately, and Casein protein is a more preventive and long-term solution.

Soy and other vegan protein powders

If you are either lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply want to opt-out of animal products, then Soya and other plant-based protein powders are probably the best choices for you.

Fortunately, these plant-based protein powders have developed so much that they are almost as good as, for example, Whey protein.

Therefore, you should not be afraid that vegan protein powder does not provide as much as milk-based protein powders most vegan protein powders contain roughly the same amount of amino acids and protein per serving. 100 g as Whey protein.

However, you may find that when using vegan protein powder you may have to mix or take several different types of protein powder.

As previously stated, the development is good, and some vegan protein powders contain an incredible amount of the good substances we know from Whey protein.

Depending on the type of plant-based protein powder you choose, you need to make sure you are getting all the essential amino acids.

This may require you to consume several different types of protein powder or buy a mixed product that contains all of these substances.

All in all, it must be concluded that even if you are a vegan, you can easily get the amazing effect that others get from milk-based protein powders.

Is protein powder good for weight loss?

Protein powder is not just good for weight loss, it is almost perfect.Protein powder can boost your metabolism and increase your fat burning significantly, which after all means that the kilos are thrown off faster.

Protein shakes are also obvious snacks, or perhaps a replacement for a normal meal.Protein powder has an incredibly good ability to keep you full for longer.So you get both a lot of good substances, as well as a unique opportunity, which ensures that you don't feel hungry and eat less than you usually do.

As you may know, protein is the key to building muscle mass, and the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose weight as you can perform more during your training.

Remember, if you are using protein powder to lose weight, you should consider mixing it up with water, and not milk, as many exercise enthusiasts do.

Another good piece of advice for somebody who is on a diet is definitely to count your calories.

As an adult man, as a general rule, it is said that you should consume 2300-2500 calories per day.

Therefore, you should calculate a realistic estimate of how few calories you can consume per day, without feeling hungry or weak, but still losing weight.This is where protein shakes can help you, as they can both replace a meal, and also contain the necessary substances you need, especially if you train.

However, you will quickly get very tired of protein shakes if you drink them several times a day.Therefore, most people simply choose to use protein shakes after training, as this is also where the effect from protein powder reaches its full potential.

Fortunately, the good thing is that you can also use protein powder in your cooking.For example, with just eggs, bananas, and protein powder, you can make some incredibly delicious pancakes that have large amounts of protein.

With a small spoonful of protein powder, a banana, and 2 eggs, you get a fantastic start to the day and a decent dose of protein right from the morning.

So to summarize, protein powder is very suitable for weight loss, however, you should not overdo it.As a general rule, use protein powder after training, or as a small snack if you have not reached your daily protein intake.

Protein powder is primarily a dietary supplement, and should not always be used as an alternative to real and healthy food. Find the right balance and healthily integrate protein powder into your diet. It can be a great tool to shed the desired number of kilos, a little faster.

How much protein should you have per day?

Whether you want to lose weight or simply build more muscle mass, you must get the right amount of protein every day.People who exercise, and especially those who do strength training, need more protein than people who do not exercise.

If you are a person who does not exercise or engage in strenuous physical activity, as a general rule you should consume approx. 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

For people who do strength training, this figure must go up much further, and here the general rule is that you must have 1.6-2 grams of protein per Kilo of body weight per day to accommodate the hard physical activity.

If you need to consume 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day, it may well be a bit difficult to do simply in terms of the food you eat.Therefore, many choose to supplement with a protein shake after their training, which gives a big boost to the goal of daily protein intake.

A scoop of just 28 g of Nutramino Whey protein powder contains a full 20 g of protein and just 100-150 calories.

In addition to using protein powder, remember to also eat well with food that contains large amounts of protein. Here, the typical winner is especially chicken breast, which contains very few calories compared to how much protein it contains.

Supplement with good vegetables such as broccoli and other vegetable protein sources to get a good mix of the different protein types and amino acids.

You don't have to be afraid of getting too much protein. When you exercise, you increase your body's natural need for protein, and here a protein bar is good for ensuring a good and healthy balance in your body.

We hope you got enough information about which protein powder is best for weight loss. 

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