The Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga - Make the right choice for the heat!

Do you practice yoga or have you considered starting? Practicing yoga does not require much equipment, but one of the most essential items is the yoga mat. While finding a yoga mat is no science, there is a big difference between them! We have created a thorough guide on how to find the best yoga mat that will suit your needs.

Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is not a specific form of yoga, but a general term for energetic yoga, which is practiced in a room that is approximately 40°C warm. It is therefore a sweat-dripping affair, which requires a durable mat.  

The best yoga mat for hot yoga is non-slip, thin, and easy to clean, but there are also other things to consider. We will help you find the right one.

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Exercise mat - Black and thickExercise mat - Black and thick

Read on if you want to learn more about how to find the right yoga mat.

Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga: How to Find a Good Yoga Mat (Step by Step)

What things should you consider before purchasing a yoga mat?

We have made a guide with the five most important things that you need to think about. This applies both to Hot Yoga and to yoga in general. Not sure which yoga mat is the best for you?

Price, Quality & Cleaning

Ecology & Material

Slip resistance (Anti-slip)

Thickness, Length & Width

Design & Color

Yoga is about strengthening the body, mind, and soul. The yoga mat is one of your most important companions on this journey. That is why we have tested yoga mats and found all of the criteria that a good yoga mat must meet.

#1 Price, Quality & Cleaning

On one hand, yoga mats wear out, so they should not be too expensive. On the other hand, quality yoga mats should not wear out too quickly, but many people often reinvest in a new yoga mat a little too soon, which can be a bit of a waste.

Most people usually sweat a lot from energetic yoga. Therefore, a good yoga mat must be cheap, of high quality, and easy to clean. You are guaranteed this for sure if you choose to buy your yoga mat from us.

#2 Ecology & Material

There is no such thing as a 100% organic yoga mat, however, there has been a great deal of focus on ecology when it comes to yoga mats, and they have therefore started to be made much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

PVC mats Vs. TPE mats

Our most affordable yoga mats are made of PVC, but you can also find TPE mats, which more people choose today. TPE is both ecological and highly degradable. TPE is an abbreviation for Thermal Plastic Elastomer.

Do you want to avoid chemicals and care more for the environment? Then you should choose a TPE yoga mat.

Note: All our PVC yoga mats & TPE yoga mats are free of harmful substances and phthalates.

#3 Anti-slip (Anti-slip)

Many things were better in the good old days. It wasn't the case with yoga mats though. In the 80s, a yoga mat was nothing more than a soft surface, and only in the 90s did non-slip yoga mats made of PVC appear.

Now there are both non-slip PVC and TPE yoga mats. You can always click on our products and see if they have Anti-slip, which means that the yoga mat is non-slip.

#4 Size guide: Thickness, Length & Width

There are many features to consider when finding the perfect yoga mat. It's nice to have a yoga mat that can be taken to the gym, used for home training, or easily taken somewhere.

They are easy to store and roll up, but you also have to remember to find one in the right length, width, and thickness.

Yoga mats are very thin, and if you are looking for a thicker mat, you can find our selection here » Training mats

We recommend that you use a yoga mat if you are going to practice hot yoga or yoga in general because they help with your balance, so you have better contact with the hard surface under the mat. They should not be too thin either, which can cause discomfort and pain in, for example, the knees. The thickness usually means the most to experienced yoga practitioners.

Our yoga mats come in almost all sizes, and just like with clothes, you must choose a yoga mat that suits you.

You can find several one-size mats, but for most people, it is wisest to have a yoga mat in the right size and length.

Most beginners prefer a minimum of 170 cm in length, we say that it's better to have one a little too big than one a little too small. However, we have a 365-day right of return if things go completely wrong.

#5 Design & Color

If you have taken into account the four points above, design and color may sound a bit unimportant, as all our yoga mats are of high quality. However, we have a wide selection of colors so that you can identify your yoga mat with ease, but at the same time, you can also have the mat in the color you like best.

In addition, you can also get an intelligent carrying strap that can be easily adjusted in size and fits all our yoga mats. This makes it easier to take the yoga mat with you on the go.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

You can trace yoga back about 5000 years, and it, therefore, has an ancient and beautiful history. Yoga has its origins in India, the word 'yoga' comes from 'Yui', which means “to unite”. In general, yoga is not the sport where you burn the most calories, but some forms burn more than others.

Hot yoga is used with a focus on combustion, although the heat as such does not have a major impact on how many calories you burn. There is a focus on burning calories with hot yoga, which is an advantage if you are trying to lose weight.

When you practice hot yoga, you usually do it together with energetic yoga, power yoga, or ashtanga yoga, where you do not hold the various positions for so long before the next exercises.

You practice hot yoga in a warm room to make joints and tendons more flexible, which means that your body becomes more flexible during different positions.

It is important to have a good yoga mat so that you don't get pain in your knees and elsewhere + it should preferably be easy to clean, as you sweat a lot when you practice yoga in 40-degree heat.

Other equipment for yoga

A good yoga mat is the most important thing to have if you are going to start practicing yoga. As yoga becomes more and more popular, and many different forms of yoga are practiced, there is also more focus on getting the right equipment.

If you need new equipment for yoga, then you are in the right place. At ShapeNation, we have everything you need. If you need new yoga equipment, you can jump into our category: All yoga equipment<

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The Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga - Make the right choice for the heat!

The Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga - Make the right choice for the heat!

Arnold Pelna
Do you practice yoga or have you considered starting? Practicing yoga does not require much equipment, but one of the most essential items is the y...